The Blooper is one of the oldest common enemies in the Super Mario Bros. series and debuted in the underwater stages of the first part already.

SMB1 Mario Allstars Blooper

Unlike the other early enemies like the Goombas or Koopa Troopas, this guy can be really dangerous to Mario due to his movement pattern which is not always foreseeable. The player has to lure him into a direction often and then be fast to dive forward below him.

The Blooper can follow Mario though so the player should move forward fast!

The Blooper returned in Super Mario Bros. 3 and many of the later Mario games, they even made it into the Mario Kart series as an item.


Our Illustration of this classic enemy was drawn by Chris Hegland from the USA who participated in Link’s Blacklist before multiple times as well!

Blooper Super Mario Bros for Mario's Blacklist



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