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“Super Mario RPG holds a special place in my gaming heart as the first RPG I ever played. Getting a new perspective on Mario’s
world was really fascinating at the time, and it also introduced some borderline insane villains to the series.

The shape-shifting Yaridovich is easily my favorite member of the Smithy Gang, but Bowyer seemed like he would be more fun to draw since he’s
so colorful and goofy looking. I tried to give each of his Flunkies their own personality because what’s a bow without its arrows?

Fischhead, July 2014


Bowyer is a Boss in Mario RPG: Legend of the seven Stars and a lieutenants of the main antagonist Smithy there, he resembles a Bow and shoots his own minions as arrows at Mario and his party.

Like the most characters of Mario RPG he was sadly not seen again in any of the later Mario Games.

Bowyer Screenshot Mario RPG



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