Long before Yoshi debuted in Super Mario World, there was another Dinosaur like Creature in the Super Mario Universe known as…Birdo.


Birdo Boss Fight SMB2

This little boss character debuted in Super Mario Bros. 2 where it spits Eggs at Mario who has to use these against Birdo through throwing them back at her (him)?

Birdo returned in many later games, especially in the Super Mario Sports games but also the Mario Kart series since Double Dash on the Nintendo Gamecube.


Our illustration of him was drawn by TamarinFrog from Finland, a big Nintendo fan like myself and also a damn talented artist who drew many fan arts which were featured here before.

Birdo is her first submission to one of our collaborations, she basically emulated the style of the game and its color palette for this one.

Now I want to play SMB2 again!


Birdo from Super Mario Bros.2 SMB2 for Mario's Blacklist



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