Big Bob-Omb from Super Mario 64 for Mario's Blacklist

Super Mario 64 was 3D Platforming at its best and started with a really cool boss battle there at the Bob-Omb Battlefield Stage which made really use of the third dimension and the Nintendo 64 Joypad.

Big Bob-Omb waits for Mario there at the summit of the mountain Mario has to run up, he is very easy to beat, Mario only has to get behind him and throw him. Its not allowed to throw him from the mountain though, otherwise Big Bob-Omg will declare Mario a cheater and the battle starts again!

Our Mario’s Blacklist Illustration was drawn by Edward Jagiełło from Poland for it who participated in Link’s Blacklist before.

He mentioned that the Bob-Omb Battlefield was one of his favourite stages in Mario 64 and that he played that one for the most time, I think he got better and better with each submission so far and wonder what will be the next big thing from him!

Big Bob-Omb Battle Mario 64



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