Baby Bowser from Super Mario World 2 Boss Fight for Mario's Blacklist

Baby Bowser looks cute on first sight but is almost as evil and powerful as in his adult form and showed that again in Yoshi’s New Island for the Nintendo 3DS.

The final boss battles there were a big homage to the classic battle in Super Mario World 2 with a fun twist at the end. Long time GA-HQ Contributor Kanis-Major from Australia, known here from our Link’s Friendlist participated once again and delivered a great illustration of the final battle with Baby Bowser in the game!

The first plan was to take the Baby Bowser Boss Battle from SMW2 but things changed during the process and we were both totally fine with it!

“It’s quite based off Yoshi’s New Island now rather than the original game.

Honestly, I thought Yoshi’s New Island was much better than Yoshi’s Island DS.

I chose to base this off Yoshi’s New Island cause visually there are more details to the backgrounds than the original one.

Not saying the original one wasn’t as good, in fact I think nothing can beat it. I remember playing that game heaps and I’ll never forget those moments.”

Baby Bowser YNI Fight



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