Antasma is one of the main antagonists in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on the Nintendo 3DS.

He is some sort of evil Bat king who was a normal bat thousands of years ago but managed to feed off of a Pi’illo’s nightmare which transformed him into the Bat King.

He works together with Bowser in the game, but gets betrayed by him later in the game, but hey..nobody should ever team up with Bowser!


The illustration of Antasma was done by SpadeNightmaren, a big fan of the Super Mario games who drew many of the enemies and antagonists of the games already, this was her first time he participated in a GA-HQ Art Collaboration and I look forward to see her being back for more!

Have a look at her portfolio on deviantART here!


Antasma from Mario and Luigi Dream Team for Mario's Blacklist

 Antasma Mario and Luigi Dream Team


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