The Albatoss is an enemy in the Super Mario Games Universe which debuted in Super Mario Bros. 2 and if we want to be really accurate, he is from  Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic..the game which was changed into SMB2 in the USA and Europe.

Albatoss Sprite

These birds are most of the time flying from right to left and carry a Bob-Omb between their claws just to let them fall on Mario, Luigi or the other protagonists. It is in the most cases not very difficult to avoid the explosions or even jump on the Albatoss.

These foes appeared very rarely in the later Super Mario games, the GBA versions of Super Mario Bros.3 had a big Albatoss as boss which was a different character in the original version.


It was a very nice surprise to see this unpopular and almost forgotten enemy being claimed for our Mario’s Blacklist Art Collaboration short after we started it.

The artist behind it Amanda J. Belaire from Canada was also participating for the first time in one of our projects and did not have a lot video game related art in her portfolio so it was a bit of a gamble to see what happens. But the result?

One super beautiful illustration of the Albatoss which became a real highlight of the project. Looking forward to see more of Amanda!

Albatoss from Super Mario Bros. 2 in Mario's Blacklist


Original Illustration of the Albatoss by Nintendo


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