Doom Cartoon Fan Art

“Knee Deep in the Dead” – A Cartoony Style Doom (2) Fan Art by Phobos-Romulus

Last year we did a whole tribute to the Doom series since it had its 20th Anniversary in December and honestly..Doom was awesome and one of the super influential games back in

the early nineties. We got quite impressive illustrations together, especially the scary monsters of the Doom games were drawn in all their beauty.

What we did not have and what I also did never see before was such a cartoon styled Doom fan art however. I mean..the Gore is there, the Doom-Guy and his chainsaw are there..

and there are even heads of the zombie-marines flying around but on first sight it’s looking like something we could see in a kids show on Cartoon Network 🙂

Nice ideas there @ Phobos-Romulus!