KOF Tribute Women Fighters Team King of Fighters 96 Mai King Kasumi

The New Women Fighters Team in the King of Fighters’96 – Mai Shiranui, King and Kasumi Todoh!

“Kof 96 was my first KOF. I bought it for PSX and used to play for hours and hours. When this KOF tribute came up I knew I had to draw something. The Women Fighters  Team was my choice because I like to draw girls, and as a great lover of the female body, I couldn’t refuse to draw Mai.”

Vithor Albertim from Brazil

The Women Fighters Team returns in The King of Fighters’96, and for the for time without Yuri Sakazaki (who joined the Art of Fighting Team) but with a strong new member: Kasumi Todoh. Kasumi was referred to the KOF Women Fighters Team by King, and was happy to join the team and represent her fighting style.


Kasumi is the daughter of RyuhakuTodoh, the Kobudo master from the Art of Fighting 1&2. Kasumi was introduced a few months before in 1996 as a new character in the Art
of Fighting 3. This constellation of the women fighters did not return in later games. 

KOF 96 Women Fighters Mai King Kasumi

KOF 96 New Women Fighters Team Kasumi Mai and King