Iori Team KOF Iori Mature Vice

The strong Rival of Kyo Kusanagi returns in KOF’96 and instead of Eiji Kisaragi and Billy Kane, his new team members are the two women which
were introduced as the secretaries of Rugal Bernstein before but are a lot more than they seem to be.

In fact, both of them are Hakkesshu, followers of the sealed away Orochi. Goenitz gave them the order to keep an eye on Rugal Bernstein while they were officially working as his secretaries. If anything would go wrong with Rugal, they would kill him.

Rugal Bernstein killed himself after losing a second time in KOF and the two women were ordered to observe Iori Yagami now and accompany him in the KOF’96 tournament.

When Kyo Kusanagi defeated Goenitz, Iori went into “Riot of Blood” mode though and killed both women. Somehow they are able to exist as shadows and try to prevent that Ash and “Those from the Past” can steal the Orochi Power.

Even after their death they are serving Orochi again and accompany Iori in the KOF XIII Tournament.


The illustration of the quite dark KOF Team was drawn by Martina G. from Italy.

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