Psycho Soldiers Team Winning

The Psycho Soldier Team in King of Fighters’94 is like the Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Ikari Warriors Teams based on an older game series by SNK, The Athena / Psycho Soldier series.

Both Athena and Sie Kensou were playable in those games back in the eighties already while Chin Gentsei, which is described as their mentor and teaches them Kung Fu as well as using their Psychic (Psycho) Powers was a completely new character.

All three are quite fun characters with Athena having a different look in almost all games, Kensou making jokes or having problems with the Baozi he loves to eat and Chin Gentsei…well he loves to drink and uses the Drunken Master fighting style.

In KOF’99, another young student named Bao joined the team and until KOFXIII where Athena and Sie Kensou wear variations of their classic Psycho Soldier costumes there were multiple other characters joining their team as well.

The classic Psycho Soldiers Team was drawn by Doghateburger for our KOF Anniversary Tribute!

KOF Tribute Classic Psycho Soldiers Team Athena Kensou Chin