American Sports Team King of Fighters

KOF Tribute American Sports Team King of Fighters

Brian Battler, Heavy D! and Lucky Glauber are the American Sports Team and debuted in the King of Fighters’94. All three were completely new designs but never used again except in the Dream-Match KOF’98 and as strikers in a few versions of KOF2000.

They were a pretty fun team, especially in KOF’98 and personally I wish we would have seen them again some times, at least in KOF2002 Unlimited Match.

Fun Fact: Lucky Glauber, the tall guys with the basketball is based on the character Hakim in the martial arts film Game of Death, with Bruce Lee. He uses Karate in a similar manner while his look was changed to look not exactly like Hakim.

There is a running gag about the three team members getting attacked and robbed off their KOF invitation letters.

The American Sports Team Illustration for our KOF Anniversary Art Tribute was drawn by Francisco Rico Torres.

 Lucky Glauber KOF98 Winning