Korea Team King of Fighters

The classic Korea Team in the King of Fighters was always pretty funny with the Taekwondo expert Kim Kapwham from the Fatal Fury games who believes in justice and tried to rehabilitate criminals like Choi Bounge and Chang Koehan through martial arts training.

Interesting about the Korea Team was also that the three characters are probably more different from each other than in any other of the KOF teams.

There is the all-rounder Kim who uses almost only kick attacks while Choi Bounge who uses two claws which seem to be inspired by a certain very sadistic horror movie villain and is one of the fastest characters in KOF history. He is also the one of the smallest characters in all 2D fighting games and can use his size to dodge many high attacks.

Chang Koehan however who uses the Ball & Chain for some attacks is one of the biggest and also slowest characters in the King of Fighters series. To be good with them means that the player has to master very different fighting styles.

In KOF’99 another justice believer, Jhun Hoon is added to the team, in KOFXIII it seems that the two former criminals are finally “rehabilitated” and Kim found two other team members who have to undergo his hard training…


The classic Korea Team from the early King of Fighters games was drawn by Matias Soto from Uruguay

KOF Art Tribute Korea Team Kim Choi Chang

Korea KOF Team 94 Winning