Shadaloo Dolls from Street Fighter Wallpaper Art

The Shadaloo Dolls from Street Fighter by Ganassa


You might know Decapre from Ultra Street Fighter IV, and maybe also Juni and Juli from Street Fighter Alpha 3, which are all three more or less Cammy Clones with only a few completely own moves, but did you know that there are 9 more of these “Shadaloo Dolls”?

They are almost all named after Months in different languages, from left to right they are:

Enero (January in Spanish),Février (February in French), März (March in German),Aprile (April in Italian),  Satsuki (May in Chinese), Juni & Juli (June and July in German), Santamu (August in Vietnamite), Xiayu (September in Chinese), Jianyu (October in Chinese), Noembelu (Not named after a Month?), Decapre (December in Russian)

This army of brainwashed (by M.Bison) soldiers was drawn with one doll after another by Ganassa from Italy in his sexy  Pin-Up style he uses often for his illustrations. Am proud to announce that he is also part of our upcoming King of Fighters Anniversary Art Tribute and drew a damn sexy take on three of the KOF Girls which will be shown on the 25th August!

If you liked this illustration of all the Shadaloo Dolls together, visit Ganassa’s gallery on deviantART where you can see them all in individual pieces as well!