Wallmaster LOZ Minish Cap for Link's Blacklist

This is the Wallmaster, from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, with a completely 3D Modelled illustration by Requimsvoid who did a similar awesome 3D based take on General Onox before!

He used Zbrush and Photoshop to create his take on the MC Wallmaster and Link and described it with the following:

“I remembered how much it freaked me out the first time the Wall Master dropped
on my head… proceeding to teleport me back to the entrance of the dungeon. XD

Though I was kinda surprised that I only found ONE of these mobs in the “Minish Cap”
(3rd dungeon, near the end).

Even in newer titles, it seems Nintendo are avoiding the use of this guy.. perhaps
due to the popularity of Smash Bros? (Master Hand)”

For unknown reasons, those Wallmasters which are part of the LoZ series since 1986 were the most often enemy type illustrated for the 4th round of Link’s Blacklist, three different versions of them were drawn or 3D modelled with this one being the last


Wallmaster Minish Cap


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