Gleerok Zelda Minish Cap for Link's Blacklist

This is Gleerok, one of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and was drawn by Rhafiel as part of the 4th round of Link’s Blacklist.

Rhafiel wrote the following description for his take on this Dinosaur like Boss:

“Here is my new contribution to Link’s Blacklist in which once again I had the opportunity to participate.
For this occasion, I chose the guardian of the fire element, Gleerok the second boss in The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap. 

For this work, I searched on the internet not just the creature, also images of fire and lava, even I came back to play the game to bathe myself in the magic of combat; even had an accident because it get totally drenched, inclusive, I did a digitally corrections, so, you can not actually see them.  Either way, the end result leaves me satisfied and hope you like it.

I used watercolors, oil, colored pencils and red and black ink on paper to illustrate Gleerok.”


 Gleerok Zelda Minish Cap

Gleerok is a Boss in LOZ Minish Cap’s Cave of Flames Dungeon and lives in a Sea of Lava somehow. It can breathe Fire like a Flamethrower and also Spit Fireballs at Link which are burning on the ground for a while, which means Link has needs care for them still.

Gleerok can also enlarge the size of the Lavasea and make it rain rocks from the cave.  In this battle, Link always have to care about his next steps and won’t have a lot time to think about strategies!


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