Dark Train Zelda Spirit Tracks for Link's Blacklist

“Dark Trains are from the NDS “Legend of Zelda – The Spirit Tracks”

I ever wondered why nobody seems to care about a scary-on flames bomb trains that comes and goes near them even the animals don’t give a thing about them, it’s like only Link was scared to come near one of these.

Can there be smoke on a storm? It seems the dark train is so fast it already passed it. I just hope Ferrus knows what he’s doing.

Modeled everything from zero, rendering 5 hours and post edition.”

 Efraimrdz, 15th June 2014


The Dark Trains were once normal trains but were possessed and have only one target now..Destroying Link and everything what stands in their way!

These enemies appear only in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks so far and are basically behaving like Bombs on Rails which have the goal to crush the Spirit Train and Link. They are a bit faster than the Spirit Track but most of the time it is relative easy to avoid the Big Bang through switching the rails.

If they are able to hit the Spirit Track it means the instant Game Over for Link…

Dark Train Zelda Render



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