Ingo Zelda Ocarina of Time for Link's Blacklist




Ingo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and not directly an enemy like the Gerudo, Octoroks or one of the bosses..buuut..he is not really a nice guy either and so he found his way into Link’s Blacklist!


Ingo is first met as the Lon Lon Ranch where he works for Talon and often complaints about the hard work..he is kinda grumpy all the time and thinks that Talon is rather lazy while he alone has to do everything..

Eventually he appeals to Ganondorf who lets him kick out Talon. Now Malon is doing the hard work while Ingo makes some Rupees in the exchange for short horse rides.

He challenges adult Link to a horse race where he will win Epona. After that, his personality actually changes and he is thankfully to be able to work for Talon again like years ago.


Ingo appeared also in Oracle of Seasons and A Link Between Worlds. His character is a lot friendlier in both games though..looking forward to see him as part of Link’s Friendlist!


Ingo was drawn by Ruina aka Aly K. Sasagawa from Japan as part of the fourth round of Link’s Blacklist in April 2014. This is her 5th submission to our Zelda Art Collaborations already!

Notes and Description by the Artist:

“Ingo from Ocarina of Time, in all his short-lived glory, with angelic Cucco feathers and everything too!

I was going for a classical portrait look at first, but I love toony looks too, so hopefully I was able to combine them into a balanced hybrid of sorts.”

Ingo Zelda OoT 

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