Floormaster Zelda Minish Cap for Link's Blacklist

The Floormaster(s) in the Legend of Zelda games are some of the strongest..and often annoying “minor” enemies of them all..they appear often out of nowhere and grab Link before the player does even know whats happening and boom..you are at the start of the dungeon again and have to fight your way through all the rooms again.

Floormaster in Minish Cap Screenshot

Oh God..RUN Link..RUN!

The Floormaster in The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap are no difference..but while they are looking similar to their Wind Waker Counterparts they are not using pots to throw them at Link..they hunt him from the start to move him back to the dungeon’s entrance.

Our first illustration of them was made by Nekro-Phil from the UK as his first contribution ever to a Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration, he mentioned that he never made it to the Floormasters in Minish Cap but liked their creepy counterparts in Ocarina of Time.


Floormaster MC

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