Giant Ghini Zelda Link's Awakening Link's Blacklist

The Giant Ghini is a super rare enemy which appears only one time in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. It is like a big variant of the smaller Ghini’s and can be found in the Cemetery of Koholint Island.


The Giant Ghini looks similar to the Boo enemies from the Super Mario games and can be defeated easily with the sword or arrows, there were other Giant Ghinili’s in the later Handheld Zelda games Oracle of Times and also Four Swords Adventures, but both looked quite different from this one.


Joel Sousa is the artist behind our first Giant Ghini illustration as part of Link’s Blacklist and he wrote the following:

“Link’s Blacklist from Game-Art-HQ is back once more and this time I tackle one ghastly figure from Link’s Awakening on the Game boy! This portable adventure takes place on  Koholint Island, wich has a cemetery; yeah, that kind of cemetery, you know?

Skies covered in clouds, dead trees with long arms and finally ghosts or also known as Ghinis!
But upon touching one particular tombstone, Link unleashes the Fury of the all mighty Giant Ghini!

This is why I love to visit this kind of places on Legend of Zelda, they’re full of secrets,mysteries and especially…Ghosts!!”




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