Sir Frosty Concept Art

Sir Frosty is a minor enemy from the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It did not appear in another Zelda game yet.

These foes are attacking Link’s Train by throwing their head at it! They appear only in the Snow Realm in the game and are relative easy to defeat, 1-2 shots with the cannon should be enough ūüôā


The Snowmen like Sir Frosty was drawn by Icy-Snowflakes who also participated in our Link’s Friendlist Art Collaboration earlier this year. This illustration was submitted as part of the 4th round of Link’s Blacklist in March 2014.

Sir Frosty from Zelda Spirit Tracks Link's Blacklist 

Artist notes and description:

“I picked up a minor enemy for Link’s Black List! I chose the Sir Frosty(s) that appear in the snow realm of Spirit Tracks.
They’re so irritating. x’D But I also find them amusing, too. :XD: I had so much fun on the background, like you guys don’t even know.”


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