The Bājíquán / Baji Quan martial art is a Chinese style known for its very short ranged attacks including many elbow strikes. Translated into English it means “Gate-Opening Eight Extremities Fist”

There are not many video game characters using this style and the most popular of them is Akira Yuki from the Virtua Fighter games. Baji Quan was also featured in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance where Li Mei a new character of the game used it as one of her styles. Baji Quan was also featured in the Shenmue Games.

 You can read a lot more about this fighting style in the Wikipedia here

The list below will give you an overview about Video Game Characters using the Tai Ji Quan Martial Art.

Bājíquán Baji Quan using Video Game Charactersjpg

Video Game Characters which are using the Bājíquán Martial Arts – featured on Game-Art-HQ


Akira Yuki

Julia Chang & Jaycee

Julia Chang


Leo Kliesen


Tung Fu Rue

Yun Lee