Diablo III is the third part in the popular hack’n slash game series by Blizzard Entertainment and was for over 5 years in development.

In mid 2012 it finally arrived for the PC and while it received in general great review scores, not everyone was happy with the always online requirement, the auction house and the changes done to the skills and the story of the game.

Nonetheless it was one of the most sold games in the last years and was ported to the Playstation 3 and XBox360 in September 2013 including many changed and exclusive items related to other console games.

A Playstation 4 version is in development together with the Reaper of Souls DLC which adds a new character class and more to Diablo III

In this gallery you will see a growing selection of fan art dedicated to the game, below them you can also find additional galleries for the already featured characters of the game.



Selected Fan Art of Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Art

Diablo IIII Contest Art

by Asher Warr Kidd

Diablo III  Cave of the Betrayer by Patrik Hjelm

The Desolate Sands

by Patrik Hjelm

Diablo III Fan Art by Art-Zealot

Diablo III – A Familiar Stranger

by Art-Zealot



Diablo III in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

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