Vi and Caitlyn League of Legends Art

Due to the giant number of great and popular games, it happens quite rarely that we are featuring League of Legends art, but this Vi and Caitlyn illustration is basically a free gift by the Australian artist Asher Winter Kidd who made the original size version of it (4961 x 3508 pixels!) of it available at dA for all LoL fans. I asked him about the reasons  and inspirations to draw Vi , the Piltover Enforcer and Caitlyn the Sherrif of Piltover, both are League of Legends Champions.

“I have only been playing the game for a very brief amount of time but really liked for cool Vi seemed as a character, how she is punky and does whatever she wants, love that attitude. I painted this in photoshop and it usually takes me around 15 or so hours to finish a painting from first sketches. Vi and Caitlyn are a popular duo on the game and i thought they deserved a bit of a highlight, many of the fans of the game seem to have agreed with me as I have recieved a very positive response so far with many requests for more work to be completed. People are sending me photos of their printouts of the poster from all around the world which is really cool to see and great feedback for me.

“I am very much looking forward to doing more work like this in future.

Kind Regards,
Asher Kidd


Very cool move and a great artwork, if you are on dA as well, don’t forget to send Asher a photo of your printed copy as well!



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