Legend of Zelda Fan Art by Elizabeth Sherry

 The Master Sword..a big Key..an Ocarina and of course a Mask? Who could be the owner of all these?

 This Legend of Zelda “Stills” fan art was drawn by Eizabeth Sherry from Canada after she made a similar one for the Super Mario series before.

A damn cool illustration of the important items and weapons which are rarely getting any attention in fan arts beside being small side elements!


Super Mario Bros Mushrooms Flowers Vegetables by Elizabeth Sherry

Super Mario Still Life

by Elizabeth Sherry

legend of zelda artwork swamp_temple_by Luis Santiago

Temple in the Swamps

by Luis Santiago


Midna Fi and Navi LoZ Art by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias

Midna, Fi and Navi

by Genzoman