Terra Branford is one of the protagonists from the cult classic Role Playing Game  Final Fantasy VI, and lately we got three great artists to draw her for our ongoing Final Fantasy Fan Art Collaboration.

Terra Branford Cosplay

Today i wanted to feature this amazing Terra Branford cosplay and also the person behind it, Angel Martin aka LittleBlondeGoth from the UK.

So i asked her about the process of creating the costume, but there was a bit more behind that….read the whole story about it below! ūüôā

Terra Branford Final Fantasy Cosplay by Angel Martin

“This whole cosplay was actually a happy accident.
It wasn’t made by me originally, but by a lady from CosCom called Etaru. I was stumbling round on Etsy looking at Final Fantasy related goodies, when I spotted a listing for a Terra Branford costume. I had a look out of curiosity, and that was it. I just had to give the outfit a new home.

Final Fantasy VI has always been one of my favourites in the series; the epic nature of the story, the darkness, the character arcs… And of course, Terra – the first female protagonist, even if it’s not explicitly said. I just never thought of co splaying her until I saw the outfit. It called out to me, a slightly different take on Amano’s design, with darker floral fabric. I thought I could work with that.

So I took it all to pieces and remade the dress, arms and sash, since I’m an incredibly awkward shape and size. I added some beading and jewellery, because if you’re going Amano then glitter is the only way. A pair of cowboy boots from eBay looked like they’d be a perfect match, so I tracked down some leather dyes and spray paint to make them fit. And lastly there was her hair. In the recent artwork she’s been blonde, but green hair Terra from the original game is the only Terra for me.

I think this costume is almost a more realistic version of her, which appeals to me. I love trying to make my cosplays seem like the character stepped out of the game and into our world.”


Credits where credits are due:

Cosplayer /Model: Angel Martin

Costume: Me / Etaru (from Cosplay.com)
Photographer: Simon Spencer


I recommend visiting Angel’s page on dA and take a look at her other Cosplays as well!