Earthworm Jim was and is an amazing and kinda crazy 2D Action Platformer / Run & Gun made for the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive back in 1994.

Today it is ported to many other consoles and platforms.


Earthworm Jim

The official cover artwork of Earthworm Jim on the SNES

Featured Fan Art of Earthworm Jim, the Game and its characters:

Earthworm Jim by Eduardo DomínguezJim and Princess WhartsHerName drawn by Eduardo Domínguez

Earthworm Jim Fan Art by MissNeens

Earthworm Jim and some of the villains of the game was drawn by MissNeens

Earthworm Jim GameEarthworm Jim Game by Kate McElroy

Earthworm Jim:

Earthworm Jim Fan Art by Stanislav NovarenkoEarthworm Jim by Stanislav Novarenko

Earthworm Jim by James GhioEarthworm Jim Character by James Ghio

Earthworm Jim Art by GoretoonEarthworm Jim by Goretoon

Earthworm Jim by Oscar CelestiniEarthworm Jim by Oscar Celestini

Earthworm Jim and PsyCrow by Darkdux

Earthworm Jim and PsyCrow by Darkdux

Earthworm Jim by Warner C

Earthworm Jim by Warner C.

Earthworm_Jim Fan Art by_MetalHanzo

EJ by Hanzo Steinbach

The Villains and Side Characters in Earthworm Jim:


Psycrow Fan Art by_koidrakePsycrow by KoiDrake

Evil The Cat (Earthworm Jim  Fan Art) by_cerberuslivesEvil The Cat by CerberusLives

Peter Puppy Fan Art by Ed HernyPeter Puppy by Ed Herny


Redesigns of the Earthworm Jim Characters:

Earthworm Jim Design by Emerson Tung Psycrow Fan Art by_emerson tung Queen Slug For A Butt (Earthworm Jim) by_emerson tung

Earthworm Jim, Psycrow and Queen Slug For A Butt were redesigned by Emerson Tung