After a Battletoads Fan Art today, the second awesome illustration about a 16bit game series and characters today!

Earthworm Jim was a damn funny and innovative 2d Platformer / Run and Gun game for the Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo which had just everything a good game needed to be successful and liked by us gamers.

Great Graphics and Music, interesting levels, a funny antagonist with PsyCrow and of course the super weird main protagonist Earthworm Jim who had to rescue the Princess Whats-Her-Name.

Too bad he did not expect THAT cow.

This fanart was made by Eduardo Domínguez S. from Mexico, a Teacher at the Institute of Technology of Monterrey “Campus TEC”, in the Digital Animation Career.

Beside a ton of other stuff he draws the games he liked from time to time as well just like this Earthworm Jim illustration, i guess this won’t be the last of his artworks being featured here. If you liked this one, please visit his gallery at deviantART here


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