Psycho Mantis MGS by_sixfrid

We are getting new Metal Gear Solid games since a relative long time now and i look forward to face many new awesome bosses like Psycho Mantis from the original MGS.

Psycho Mantis was one of the most unique villains in a video game ever, especially back in 1998 when something like him was not seen before.

This guy is able to maniulate the controls of the player and even knows what games he played before if there were savefiles for other Konami games like Castlevania on the inserted Memory Card.

Seeing this portrait of Psycho Mantis by Sixfrid from Chile who was featured with his take on Gray Fox a while ago as well kinda makes me hope that we would see a HD remake of the original Metal gear Solid maybe, or a return of Psycho Mantis in a MGS which would play before Solid Snake infiltrated Foxhound.