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Terrordrome the Horror Movie Game made by fans was just released in its final version and is available for free on its Homepage Terrordrome-TheGame.com


Terrordrome Characters 

The game includes 14 characters from horror movies of the past including Freddy Krueger,  Ash from Evil Dead, Jason Vorhees in two different versions from the Friday The 13th Movies, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pinhead from Hellraiser, Chucky The Murder Doll, Candyman, Pumpkinhead, The Re-animator,Mike Myers, Maniac Cop and a few more 🙂


Every character has a quite big arsenal of moves and special moves like in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat games, they also have their own stages based on the horror movies.

 The game is not a quality product like Street Fighter IV, but for a game made by fans, and alone already for being able to decide the battle between Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees it is worth to try out for sure, kudos to the small team of developers which made this game at home for fun.

The game comes only with a Story (Arcade) Mode, the obligatory Versus Mode and a Training Mode, the Special Moves of a character can be displayed via the escape key, the game works with many joysticks, i tested it with a Playstation 2 Joypad.


Each character has its own story, sometimes they are based partially on the movies, sometimes they are wild crossovers.



Freddy vs Jason 2

Leatherface Terrordrome