Tyrantrum Pokemon by mark anthony avila

The Tyrantrum is one of the new Pokemon from the just released Pokemon X and Y games and can be obtained in both versions through levelling up a Tyrunt to over level 39 after it was revived from a Jaw Fossil. It is on first sight looking a lot like the real-world..and to our all luck extinct Tyrannosaurus, one of the biggest flesh eating dinosaurs ever.

According to the Y Pokedex , the Tyrantrum was unstoppable around 100 million years ago and behaved like a King.


Mark Anthony Avila from the Philippines the artist behind this fan art and currently a student there, saw one of his dreams coming true when the Tyrantrum was revealed! Guess i am not the only Dinosaur fan who looked forward to see a T-Rex Pokemon ūüôā

Mark’s gallery on deviantART is just full of¬† great Pokemon illustrations like this one, i fully recommend to visit it!


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