Batman Arkham Origins Wallpaper Art by Glass-OwlThe Batman: Arkham games were a giant surprise a few years ago when it started with Arkham Asylum, and the direct sequel Arkham City is now known as one of the best superhero video games ever made after a long tradition of really bad DC Comics Games. Now on October 25th, the third part is getting released and is a prequel to the previous games, Arkham Origins tells the story long before Asylum, back when the criminal mastermind Black Mask tried to defeat the Batman with the help of assassins like Deathstroke and powerful helpers like Bane.

I am sure that Batman: Arkham Origins will be another awesome hit and look forward to playing it! Glass-Owl, currently serving in Okinawa, Japan found the time to draw the main characters Black Mask, Batman and Deathstroke there in an amazing wallpaper like artwork. There are relative few game related pieces in his gallery on dA, but those among them are very fine, have a look!