Another one, since there are really a lot of beautiful Morrigan Aensland illustrations made by fans.

Its really a big shame that Darkstalkers itself is more or less dead since 1998 already with new really new games for the series since Darkstalkers 3.

Now, that there are rumors that Capcom is almost bancrupt, let’s hope that a good publisher who knows how to make games and not DLC fiascos could buy the license. But i doubt that would ever happen.


R.I.P Darkstalkers.


This fan art of Morrigan was made by GreenStranger who participated in our Castlevania Art Tribute before, take a look at his gallery on dA!

Morrigan Aensland by GreenStranger


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 Morrigan Aensland Artwork by Jamal Campbell Morrigan Aensland by M. Ansar Ali Morrigan Aensland Painting by Francisco Rico Torres