Seong Mi-Na SCIV Art by eCC-u

Seong Mi-Na is one of the original Soul Edge / Blade characters and she returned in SoulCalibur IV (always as a unlockable character) and while Seong is one of the often cosplayed and drawn SC characters she did not make it into SoulCalibur V sadly.

Seong, Zasalamel, Hwang, Li Long, Sophitia and Rock make me hope that we will see a new SoulCalibur which goes back to the roots maybe and re-tells the old story about the swords, similar how it was done with the first three games of the Mortal Kombat series in MK9.

The SoulCalibur series just has too good character designs to throw them away…especially if the new guys are something like Zwei and Xiba (urgh)


This beautiful drawing was made by a very big fan of the SoulCalibur games, known as eCC-u from Finland.

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