Juri Han, one of the two newest Street Fighter characters (still) started as a fan favourite new fighter in Super Street Fighter IV and today she is one of the most drawn fighting game characters ever after just 3 years. 

She is from Korea and uses Taekwondo of course but plays very different than other specialists of that martial arts style like Hwoarang in Tekken or Kim Kapwham in the King of Fighters games. She also is one of the very few evil Taekwondo fighters and works on the side of S.I.N and Shadaloo..at least Seth and M.Bison believe so..


There were a few Super Street Fighter OVA Movies and Juri Han picked up victories over Cammy White and even Guile in them.


Magion02, a damn great artist from Malaysia drew this fan art where she illustrated the after battle scene when Juri defeated the two. This was actually commissioned to her by a cool guy with the nickname m2aster.

Juri Han Cammy Guile Fan Art


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