Guilty Gear XX Slash is a 2D fighting game by Arc System Works and the third update of Guilty Gear XX.

It was first released for the Arcades in September 2005 In April 2006 it received ha Playstation 2 port in Japan. It was re-released again a year later by Sega.

The home versions got additional modes and characters like A.B.A and 2 versions of Robo Ky.

The gameplay was initially similar to Guilty Gear XX but this version rebalanced and nervef all characters, added A.B.A from Guilty Gear Isuka as well as Order Sol, an alternate version of Sol Badguy. It was never released outside Japan.

Guilty Gear XX Slash Screenshot


Guilty Gear XX Slash: An Overview

Game Name(s)
Guilty Gear XX Slash
  Genre: 2D Fighting
Game Series: Guilty Gear   Sub Genre  
Developer: Arc System Works   Features 2 new characters, backgrounds, lots of balance changes
Publisher: Sammy Studios & Sega
  Players(:) 1-2 Players
First seen on: Arcades   GA-HQ Art Tributes:
First Releasedate September 2005 (Arcades)
Later ported to: Playstation 2 in 2006


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A.B.A Guilty Gear X Slash



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