A new Killer Instinct is coming out on the XBone* in November and we started a KI Art Contest on our FGE Group a few weeks after it was announced on the E3 this year.

Around 40 artists participated in the 2 months running contest, the winners were determined by a Jury as well as by a public poll.


Many of the Killer Instinct Fan Art submissions were simply great and it was a really difficult decision to choose the 5 winners.

In this article, the five winning artists are featured as well as some of the submissions which could not make it into the top 5.


Thanks @ all artists for participating, Killer Instinct 1 and 2 were great games and well, we all hope that the new one will be a great game to continue this old fighting game series.

New Killer Instinct Logo

  The 5 Winners of our FGE Killer Instinct Fan Art Contest and their artworks:


Fulgore from Killer Instinct Fan Art

#1 Winner of the Killer Instinct Fan Art Contest is Fulgore from Edsfox

Eduardo “Edsfox” Domínguez S from Mexico got the most votes by both the Jury and in the public poll as well and won a 12 Months deviantART Premium Account with his take on Fulgore!

B.Orchid Fan Art by Stephen ZavalaB.Orchid Fan Art by Stephen Zavala

Place #2  – B.Orchid and Spinal by Alpha-Step

Classic B.Orchid Fan Art by Origo Games

Place #3 – B.Orchid and TJ Combo by Origo Games

Stephen “Alpha Step”  Zavala won the 2nd Prize with only a few more votes than Origo-Games from China. His B.Orchid and Spinal Portraits are part of a series for all Killer Instinct characters. This fan art project by himself will be featured here on Game-Art-HQ as well. Both artists won a 3 Month dA Premium Membership with their submissions.


Eyedol Fan ArtSabrewulf vs Spinal Killer Instinct Artwork

Place #4 – Eyedol & Sabrewulf vs. Spinal by Fasslayer

Sabrewulf Fan Art from upcoming XBone Killer InstinctJago from KI 2013

Place #5 – Jago & Sabrewulf by Grapiqkad

 Fernando “Fasslayer” Santibáñez from Chile drew the relative unpopular Eyedol, the boss of the first Killer Instinct and also a battle illustration of Sabrewulf and Spinal.

Grapiqkad from Quatar  used the new design of Sabrewulf and Jago as one of the few Artists who participated, nearly all others sticked to the old designs.

Both artists won a one month dA Premiumship account


Other noteworthy submissions which did not make it into the top 5 sadly:

Fulgore Killer Instinct by Riccardo Rullo

Fulgore MK I Version

by Riccardo Rullo from Italy

Sexy B.Orchid from Killer Instinct by Mominur Rahman


by Mominur Rahman from the UK

Sabrewulf XBone by_thegameworld

Sabrewulf (XBone Version based)

by TheGameWorld from the USA

Kim Wu Killer Instinct Sexy Redesign by Tristion Edison

Kim Wu Redesign

by Tristion Edison from the USA

Orchid vs Maya from Killer Instinct by_satoopid

B.Orchid vs Maya Fight

by Satoopid from the USA

Black Orchid Cosplay by EccentricCasey

B.Orchid Cosplay

by EccentricCasey from the USA



The next art contest on FGE is the 3rd FGE Alloween Fan Art Contest and will most likely endure between the 1st and 31st October, the theme for it will be decided in the next days.


 *Due to Microsoft buying the URL Xbone.com we are respecting Microsofts interest in this name and call the XB One always Xbone from now on