The Imprisoned is a boss character from Zelda: Skyward Sword which has to be beaten three times during the game. 

The Imprisoned Zelda Skyward Sword

It is a massive beast with not less than three rows of giant teeth ..and it is hungry for power and a certain soul.

Let’s not spoil its relation with Zelda, Link and Demise here and talk about our first illustration of it, made for Link’s Blacklist Round III in August 2013.

Kurama-Chan from Brazil drew it as her 2nd Link’s Blacklist submission after her Shadow-Link in the last round and wrote the following about the Imprisoned:

“I’ve chosen to draw The Imprisoned not because I like him, but actually because I hate him. He was one of the worst bosses I fought, and I imagine he was also the nightmare of many Zelda players too.
So drawing him was a challenge to myself. Hope it can be enjoyed!”

Imprisoned Zelda SS for Link's Blacklist 



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