Shadow Link Zelda 4 Swords for Link's Blacklist

Shadow Link is a boss and enemy in Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and as the only boss ever (so far) playable in the Zelda Series during the “Shadow Battle”.

Our first illustration of this foe was submitted by Kurama-Chan from Brazil who participated for the second time in Link’s Blacklist now!


While he looks very similar, this guy is not the same as Dark Link who is a recurring Boss of a different origin it seems.

Shadow Link Fours Swords Adventures Battle

In Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Shadow Link is not only a boss character but plays also an important part of the story, leading Link to release the evil Vaati and splitting Link into four Links.

He also terrorizes the population of Hyrule which leads many people to believe that Link himself is a villain.

The concept of an evil version of the main protagonist is nothing new in video games but it was well and sometimes funny executed with Shadow Link!

Shadow Link Zelda Four Swords Adventures Link's Blacklist 2015

“I know, this isn’t the most unique enemy choice. And…. I am equally aware of how unoriginal this art is conceptually.

But ever since I pictured this in my head, I’ve been thinking how it would be perfect for Link’s Blacklist, considering Shadow Link is clearly the victor here.  So as soon as I found out that already-drawn enemies are up for grabs, I simply had to snag this one.  But alas! OoT and AoL dark links were already claimed!

Desperate, I remembered Shadow Link from Four Swords Adventures as an afterthought, oops (didn’t remember shadow links from ST or ALBW until much later).  However, I’d say things worked out for the better, considering how prevalent Shadow Links were in that game and, on a more shallow note, how much I like the outfits :3

As for the backgrounds, based them off of the final fight with Shadow Link. Floor of clouds for Link on the ground, ceiling of clouds for Shadow Link, standing above him.  I hope that isn’t his last heart container…

Did this in watercolors (always a struggle for me, but I think I’m catching on finally) and slight fix-ups in Photoshop.”


Nummonkee is a part of Link’s Blacklist now since around two years, we got in contact through one of the Zelda Websites that covered our project actually in a pretty unfair way (They copied all the artworks and did not credit the artists). However, that we got at least one more artist on board through their “article” was a true benefit at least 🙂



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