Barinade Zelda OOT for Link's Blacklist

This is the Barinade, the “Bio-Electric Anemone” and the third boss from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

It is also the third submission to Link’s Blacklist now by Ursula “SulaMoon” Dorada from Brazil, a big Zelda fan like myself who continues to create one amazing Ocarina of Time Boss Battle Illustration for the Blacklist after another one. In the battle with the Barinade, Link has to use the Boomerang just like Ursula drew him fighting the three tentacles which have to be seperated from Lord Jabu-Jabu’s inner body to weaken the Barinade.

Barinade Zelda OoT

I really hope that our Art Collaboration could be availabe as an art book in the future. Who knows..maybe its possible someday if Nintendo and the participating artists like the Idea.

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