Goomba Link's Awakening for Link's Blacklist

A Goomba as part of Link’s Blacklist?

 Yes of course!

If you remember Zelda:Link’s Awakening, the Zelda ALTTP similar Game Boy game which was released short after Super Mario Land 2 (also Game Boy) you will know that it introduced  the rebellious Goombas, popular through the Super Mario Bros games to Hyrule.


There in Link’s Awakening there were a few side-scrolling caves where the Goombas could be found as enemies, it is even possible to defeat them plumber-style with a good jump on their big mushroom heads.

Goomba Links Awakening

 In the game they don’t really look like a threat to Link though, which was the reason why Purpleground02 from Malaysia draw it a bit different to create a Goomba you really don’t want to meet…


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