Snapdragon Zelda ALTTP for Link's Blacklist

 “Snapdragons from the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

These guys always kind of freaked me out, even though all they did was hop in random directions and attempt to bit you once in a while. And they wear boots.

How scary are man eating plants that wear BOOTS?! I think they were just trying to attack Link for his cool hero shoes.”


Art and Description by Dragonariaes from the USA


The Snap Dragon is one of the few enemies from one of the classic Zelda games which are so far exclusive to one of them, this changes soon with Zelda: A Link between Worlds which plays in the same World than Zelda ALTTP it seems and also has a lot of the same enemies and even bosses.

The background of the Snap Dragon is like their visual design too something quite scary…(at least in western releases)

Just imagine a mad alchemist who experimented with Plants to create these beasts.

The Japanese manual however describes the Snap Dragons as foes being evolved from normal plants.

Snap Dragon Zelda ALTTP 

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