Finally! After being delayed for around 9 months because it was ported to the Playstation 3, Vita, XBOX 360 and even the PC instead of being a WiiU exclusive game.

As a Rayman fan since the mid nineties already when the first Rayman was one of the first great games on the original Playstation i love that Rayman Legends was made a multiplatform title, so that those people who don’t own a WiiU and don’t plan to buy one for the few good Nintendo games can enjoy this new masterpiece by the French developers from Ubisoft!

So far i played only the demo on PC which run super fast on my around 4 years old PC but will most likely get it for the PS3 in the next weeks.

To celebrate this new part of a long running great series, i thought we finally feature a fan art with Rayman and its friends here on GA-HQ since we only had those 2 images by Brendan Corris about the bosses from the first Rayman yet.


This fan art was created by the Mexican artist Art Gutierrez for an illustration contest. This guy has an amazing gallery on dA with currently over 120 pieces with only a few game related fan arts but a ton of other interesting art including illustrations of some of the Marvel Comics characters like Cyclops.

Rayman Legends by ArT Gutierrez


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