Knight Artorias Dark Souls Art by Blackash

In 99% of all cases when someone sees Knight Artorias from Dark Souls he has to defend himself and is going to fight a foe who is both fast and strong. Not a few from us started insulting this guy after losing again and again..and this guy as a can this be?

Well if your love is a talented artist who loves to try out very¬† different things and styles you can be happy if she makes you a birthday present in the form of such a Knight Artorias illustration ūüôā

This is the first Dark Souls fan art on Game-Art-HQ, sorry for the long wait but there are simply so many different games and game characters to write about that it is super hard to cover even all the best games of our time! It was made by BlackAsh who draws a lot of game related fan art including Final Fantasy and of course Dark Souls, beside Knight Artorias she also drew Ornstein.