Just around 2 more months and we see the next big step for the Pokemon series finally when Pokemon X and Y are getting released October for the Nintendo 3DS including 3D graphics and…


…these new two guys!

Known as Maika and Karamanero in Japan and as Malamar and Inkay in the USA / UK and just all English versions of the games.

These two new Pokemon are both Dark/Psychic Types and probably residents of the Kalos region, seems they will appear in both games.

Speaking about new, this is the first time we are featuring something by the Irish artist Reganismyfirstname!

On her gallery at dA you can find a lot more Pokemon related stuff but also a lot other things, we are looking forward to her future works!

Realistic Inkay and Malamar from Pokemon X & Y by Reganismyfirstname

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