Sylveon from Pokemon X Y by Ruth Taylor

Sylveon is one of the many new Pokemon in the next big chapters of the series, Pokemon X and Y which are getting released in October this year.

Sylveon was revealed in February already, and the super talented Ruth Taylor from the Netherlands drew it in her unique halfway realistic re-design style including a big change of its colors ( which is good in my opinion)


Currently a lot more new Pokemon and even whole types of Pokemon are getting revealed to the public to hype the upcoming games, seems they are really big games which move the series forward a lot, but i wonder why we are still not seeing a major Pokemon release for the WiiU, now that online technology is so advanced, a big screen Pokemon with lots of multiplayer possibilities should be no problem anymore or?

If you liked the art style of Ruth or you want to know more about her and her series of Pokemon redesigns, read the Interview i had with her in january this year too!

Sylveon Render

Beside the Interview you can find more of Ruth Taylor’s works and more of the new Pokemon as well on Game Art HQ:

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