Ickybod Clay from Clayfighter by_fischhead

Ickybod Clay won’t fear any headhunters..you get the joke?!?

I was not sure a lot of you would remember Ickybod Clay from the Clayfighter games which were only fairly popular around 1993-1997 with characters made of clay and digitized later just like the actors in the Mortal Kombat games.

Ickybod Clay was one of the nine really weird characters and while he is a really cool design and fun to play,he was almost forgotten…

…until FischHead submitted this crazy entry for the WildWest Fighter’s contest on our deviantART group Fighting-Games-Elite. He won the contest with this, together with another entry which got the same amount of votes by the participating artists, this other contest winner will be featured here as well soon.

If you like weird fighting games, don’t hesitate and download ClayFighter..while it is available for a ton of SNES emulators you can also grab it on the Wii as a virtual console game i think.

Really a damn shame this series was discontinued a long time ago.

Ickybod Clay Render