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Scorpion returned of course and did it was a brand new design which was more detailed than any of his previous ones and made him finally completely different looking than Sub-Zero or any of the other previous Palette-Swap Ninja characters.

With Drahmin and Moloch he has two big problems alongside Quan Chi:

The ninja spectre Scorpion had assumed for many years that Sub-Zero had killed his family and clan, only to later discover that the true murderer was the sorcerer Quan Chi. After revealing his treachery, Quan Chi then attempted to send Scorpion to the 5th plane of the Netherrealm.

Thinking quickly, Scorpion grappled the sorcerer at the last moment and they were both transported to that forbidden realm. This turn of events boded well for Scorpion and his strength increased the longed he remained there. Quan Chi’s powers, however, proved to be useless against him.


Scorpion got three fighting styles which remained partially in later games as well, while almost all MKDA-MKA fighting styles and moves were removed from other characters after MK Armageddon.

The Japanese Ninja got the Hapkido and Pi Gua styles and a Katana sword called Ninja Sword in the game.

His Spear Throw move returned of course but his old Teleport Punch was removed. Scorpion got two powerful new techniques with his flaming backflip kick and his Hell Riser move which rised flames from the ground.


Scorpion in his Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance design was drawn by Arhumn

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