Bonne Jenet, often called just B.Jenet is a character developed by SNK which debuted in Garou MOTW in 1999


Garou MOTW


Garou MOTW





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She was also introduced as a part of the King of Fighters series in 2005 with King of Fighters XI and her being in a Team with Tizoc and Gato, both also Garou: MOTW characters. One year later B. Jenet was also made an unlockable character in King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (KOF 2006 in the USA).

B. Jenet was announced to be one of the first DLC Characters in The King of Fighters XV (2022)

B.Jenet Garou MOTW Sprite

B.Jenet Garou

B.Jenet KOF XI Sprite

B.Jenet KOF XI

Beside her main role as a fighting game character, she is also featured in a couple of “Love / Dating Sims like SNK Dream battle and SNK Gals Island Dokidoki Puzzle Shock! and also in the Card Fighters Clash games.

Her fighting style seems to be based on Savate, a french kickboxing style.

She is the second female pirate in a fighting game, with May from Guilty Gear being the first one.

B. Jenet from the KOF Games: an Overview

Charactername: Jennie “Bonne Jenet” Behrn   Developed /Created by SNK
Gameseries:  Fatal Fury & King of Fighters   First seen in: Arcades
First Game:  Garou: Mark of the Wolves   Year first seen in: 1999
Last Game: King of Fighters XV (2022)   Birthplace: England
Role(s) and Characteristics:  Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Savate similar
Additional Tags:  Pirates in Video Games, Pirates in Fighting Games   Similar Characters:  
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Official Art and the development of Bonne Jenet from Garou: Mark of the Wolves till KOF Maximum Impact 2

 Bonne Jenet Sexy Garou Art

 Promo Illustration of B.Jenet in Garou MOTW

Garou / Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves

Back in 1999, SNK had a good handful of fighting game series on the market since almost an decade already like Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu in Japan), Samurai Shodown or the King of Fighters series.

The Fatal Fury series saw 3 quite similar to each other games with Fatal Fury Real Bout, RB Special and RB2 which added only more characters to the same game.

The developers though its time for a re-launch of the Fatal Fury series and so they created Garou: Mark of the Wolves which only saw a western release for the Dreamcast where it was name changed into Fatal Fury MOTW.

This game plays years after the events of earlier Fatal Fury games with Geese Howard being dead and Terry Bogard being the only playable character of the older games. Its almost like what Capcom did with Street Fighter III: A New Generation which was released at about the same time which had only Ryu & Ken as playable “veterans”.


Bjenet Garou MOTW Win Pose

Bonne Jenet is one of the new characters which introduced a totally new playstyle while some of the other new fighters were like new-gen characters based on old ones (Marco Rodriguez and the Kim brothers). Visual design-wise she seems to be the replacement of Mai Shiranui as the new sexy girl with the popular bouncing boobs effect.

According to her official bio of the game she is from the UK, her real name is Jennie Behrn and she is the leader of the Lillien Knights, a group of Pirates. She entered the tournament by Kain R. Heinlein to find some treasures mainly but in her ending, she barely escapes with her life after defeating him which causes the destruction of Kain’s mansion.

The Lillien Knights crew saves her but they don’t manage to secure the treasures which enrages B.Jenet and makes the Lillien Knights run for their lifes 🙂

Sexy BJenet Garou Art

Additional B.Jenet Garou MOTW Art


Ending of B.Jenet in Garou, click on the image to enlarge it

B.Jenet King of Fighters XI Art

Promo Illustration of B.Jenet in KOF XI

King of Fighters XI (2005)

In the King of Fighters 2003, SNK added Garou MOTW characters for the first time to the KOF series and they continued this with B.Jenet in KOF XI two years later when the King of Fighters series moved to the new arcade hardware the Atomiswave.

Almost all of Jenet’s sprites were redrawn and she got a few new animations as well. In the game she teams up with the two other Garou MOTW characters Tizoc and Gato. In the ending of the Garou Team, B.Jenet and Tizoc are in the PaoPao Cafe (old Fatal Fury stage & location) and celebrating their victory. They talk about Gato who did not join them because he sees the celebration as pointless while the Liliien Knights start drinking.

Hotaru, another Garou character asks B.Jenet about her brother but nobody cares during the party.

B.Jenet KOF XI Render

B.Jenet KOF XI Win Pose

Garou Team B.Jenet Tizoc Gato KOF XI Ending

Ending of B.Jenet and her Garou team in KOF XI, click on the image to enlarge it



Render of B.Jenet

King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 / KOF 2006

B.Jenet returned to KOF as a unlockable character in KOFMI2 and while she borrows a few moves from Mai Shiranui there, her moveset is for the most part unique and includes all her previous special and super moves.

In the unlockable profile of her, its revealed that she is the daughter of very rich parents actually, but she prefers to go through the pirate life and rob people instead of earning her money. She hears about the KOF tournament at a party where the the son of the host tries to impress her with his bad savate skills but tells her about the tournament. After her Lillien Knights knock out the fool, and rob his father, B.Jenet wants to join the tournament to win the prize money.

“Actually Jennie Behrn, daughter of the Behrn family, an influential International cartel, sh came to loathe her luxuriant but tedious life and left home to form the Liline Knights pirate band who vow to steal for the weak and poor. In her dress with its skull-and-crossbones pattern, she plays the role of a grown woman but still can’t avoid her childish tendencies.”

Her visual design was unchanged, with even more boob jiggle effects added though and a lot of color variations and additional costumes which you can see below.

B.Jenet has a special pre fight scene against Mai Shiranui in the game and tells her, its maybe just her but she thinks Mai might be past her prime. This was probably a nod to B.Jenet being the replacement for Mai in Garou MOTW.

She also has special pre fight scenes against Terry Bogard,Kim Kapwham, Rock Howard, and Geese Howard.

B.Jenet-KOF-2006-MI2-Costum e Art thumb

Concept Art of her costumes

All the costumes and their color variations of B.Jenet in KOF Maximum Impact 2 / KOF 2006:

B.Jenet Normal A Costume KOF MI2

Normal A

B.Jenet Normal B Costume KOF MI2

Normal B

B.Jenet Normal C Costume KOF MI2

Normal C

B.Jenet Normal D Costume KOF MI2

Normal D

B.Jenet Normal E Costume KOF MI2

Normal E

B.Jenet Normal F Costume KOF MI2

Normal F

B.Jenet Normal G Costume KOF MI2

Normal G

B.Jenet Normal H Costume KOF MI2

Normal H

B.Jenet Another A Costume KOF MI2

Another A

B.Jenet Another B Costume KOF MI2

Another  B

B.Jenet Another C Costume KOF MI2

Another  C

B.Jenet Another D Costume KOF MI2

Another  D

B.Jenet Another E Costume KOF MI2

Another  E

B.Jenet Another F Costume KOF MI2

Another  F

B.Jenet Another G Costume KOF MI2

Another  G

B.Jenet Another H Costume KOF MI2

Another  H


In KOF XIII, Jenet is mentioned by King to Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki but not a playable character in the game.

There are currently rumors (June 2013) that SNK is hiring people for a new 3D KOF game,a first image was shown with a character looking a lot like Terry Bogard in his Garou MOTW design. Chances are not bad that B.Jenet returns if we really see a new KOF.

Extra Screenshot:


A Beautiful Victory 😉


So far, B.Jenet has not been featured in a Game-Art-HQ Art Project yet, but a Final Fight Tribute is one the schedule..stay tuned for that one!


Featured B.Jenet Fan Art:

B.Jenet Art by Francisco Rico Torres

by Francisco Rico Torres

Bonne Jenet is quite popular among the many SNK fighting game characters and of course an attractive girl as well..and who doesn’t love pirates? 🙂

Here you can see some of the best drawings and cosplays made by fans worldwide!

B.Jenet Cosplay by Bastetsama-Cosplay

by Bastetsama-Cosplay


Selected Bonne Jenet Fan Art & Cosplays based on her look in the games:


B.Jenet by Faynster



B.Jenet Fan Art by Daniel Fernando Sanchez

by Daniel Fernando Sanchez

B.Jenet the Pirate Fighter by_hokutofighter

by HokutoFighter

Bonne Jenet by_rubiocroft

by Rubiocroft

B.Jenet drawing by Diana Jakobsson

by Diana Jakobsson

B.Jenet SNK Art by Daniel MacGregor

by Daniel MacGregor

B.Jenet Sexy Art by Sergevirus

by Sergevirus

B.Jenet by_samuraiblack

by Samuraiblack

B. Jenet King of Fighters by Jaime Herrera

by Jaime Herrera

B. Jenet Fan Art by Nick Swift

by Nick Swift

Bonne Jenet KOF Wallpaper by_nesgamer93

by NESgamer93


Selected B.Jenet Sprite Art:

Bonne Jenet KOF XIII Sprite Art by Eric Lam

KOF XIII Style by Eric Lam


Fan Art of B.Jenet Redesigns:

B.Jenet King of Fighters Redux by_digitalninja

by DigitalNinja


And even more selected fan art with B.Jenet among or versus other game characters:

B.Jenet Elizabeth Mai Shirnui Leona Kula KOF by Edwinhuang and RossACampbell

The Queens of Fighters

by Edwinhuang and Ross A. Campbell

ArcSystem Works vs SNK Crossover B.Jenet vs Johnny by_diavle

B.Jenet just had a beautiful Victory vs Johnny from Guilty Gear

by Diavle



What Gamers like you and me think about Bonne Jenet the beautiful female Pirate from Garou and KOF:

I was never a real fan of Garou MOTW and disliked the gameplay and especially the character changes, but B.Jenet is just another cool and sexy character by SNK and i liked her playstyle in KOF XI and MI2. I am a fan of the pirate theme and her outfit too. Would love to see her in future fighting games. Jenet is also a character who gets wonderful drawn fan art and holy shit @ some cosplayers of her and thats always a good thing 🙂

Gameplay wise i would change a few of her specials and give her a pirate cliche revolver for some moves.

Review / Opinion by GA-HQ Admin Reinhold “GBK” Hoffmann


B. Jenet stood out to me the first time I saw her. Her animation is of course fantastic, one of the characters that stand out. Artistically B. Jenet’s design is clean and elegant, it’s downright simple compared to many of her cohorts in Garou or KOF.

The mostly solid color dress is marked by that signature skull and crossbones, a great shape that reads well at any size and instantly tells the player of her personality. Coupled with her crew of salty sailors who toast her before the fight and jump in for specials, her story is told every time she appears on screen. So it’s no surprise that visually she’s one of my favorites from the SNK roster, altho play-wise she’s also pretty good.

Her move set is almost entirely quarter circles which brings her some quick familiarity to beginners and basically makes her a bit easier, fun to play. Lastly I enjoy the fact (or like to think) that she is very likely based on infamous female pirate Anne Bonny, something very cool and complimentary to other SNK fighters loosely based on historical figures.

Review / Opinion by the GA-HQ Contributor Eric “Super Edco” DeSantis


I was never really able to actually play MOTW due to not having a Dreamcast at the time. I’ve got into playing B.Jenet during the Maximum Impact series and found her fighting style unique and fresh that I’ve ended up using her as my second main female next to Mignon who was my first main female.
Always gotta have one cute and one sexy character. I don’t think she’s a bad character but MOTW was planned to be the Capcom’s Street Fighter 3 with a new cast of fighters instead of the same characters you’ve seen 20 games ago.
As far as Fatal Fury, Jenet stood out and good call giving her the pirate motive. It’s more befitting and she comes off more as a playful anti-hero. “Beautiful Victory!”

Review / Opinion by the GA-HQ Contributor Project00Wolfen


If you know Informations about Bonne Jenet, or great (fan/cosplay) art which is not covered here yet, or you want to write about her/review her here as well, just write a comment!

BJenet and Lillien Knights