B.Jenet Cosplay by Bastetsama-Cosplay

There are a lot of B.Jenet Cosplays, but the most photos are just showing the cosplayers surrounded by some people on a anime con etc. There are almost no cosplay shoots about the sexy pirate girl from the Garou and King of Fighters games with a special background related to Bonne. At least Bastetsama from Argentina, a cosplayer known for awesome shootings as Cammy, Vanessa, Poison and many more got herself and her photographer into a cosplay shooting on a boat which could work as a pirate ship with a bit fantasy 🙂 Only the Lillien Knights are missing there! 🙂

Keep up the great work @ Bastetsama & Photographer MandragoraX!


Bonne Jenet Cosplay by Bastetsama-Cosplay 


BJenet and Lillien Knights

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